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Mt Baker Properties

Please note that this comment form is for the purpose of submitting a comment to the Washington State Department of Ecology. Commenter contact information is optional. Contact information is necessary if you want to receive future notices or responses related to this topic.

The Department of Ecology invites you to comment on a cleanup plan and associated documents for the Mt Baker Properties Cleanup Site.

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El Departamento de Ecología esta anunciando el periodo de comentario público relacionado a la limpieza ambiental del sitio Mt Baker Properties Cleanup Site. Para obtener este documento, o más información sobre este sitio en español, favor de comunicarse con Gretchen Newman al 360-407-6097 o [email protected]

Bo Mo i Sinh tho ng ba o đe n co ng chu ng ve khung thờ i gian go p y cho co ng ta c la m sa ch mo i trườ ng khu vư c Mt Baker Properties Cleanup Site. Ne u quy vi muo n nha n ta i lie u na y ba ng tie ng Vie t hoa c ca n the m tho ng tin, xin lie n he o ng Lie m Nguye n 360-407-6955, đie n thư: [email protected]
華盛頓州生態管理署邀請公眾對Mt Baker地產清理工作的清理行動計劃草案動提供建意見。 欲了解更多信息, 或要求翻譯服務,請致電林昊 (425) 649-7487,電子郵件 [email protected]

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